Texylvania~HEXabilly, Baby!

Texylvania has been written up as 'RocketFueled-Garage-PunkRock-Rock&Roll'...Texylvania is self describe in one word: "HEXXabilly". 

Shortly after Texylvania was founded by Sherry Rubber and Patrik FK, this band immediately took off. The live shows quickly drew a loyal following, the press write-ups were all top notch, and Indy labels were all asking to have this new band to contribute to their upcoming compilation releases.

Texylvania is truely a band that can be classified as 'two bands in one'. The fact that half the set is fronted by Patrik FK as Sherry Rubber slings the guitar-The other half of the Texylvania set is then set with Patrik on guitar as Sherry takes over the front position of this four piece unit makes this band stand out from the rest in any live performance line up.


Patrik FK and Sherry Rubber send their many thanks and endless gratitude to all of their wonderful endorsers…All of your products are great and we use them proudly within our crazy musical worlds on a daily basis! 

Patrik FK and Sherry Rubber are endorsed by:


*MANIC PANIC~www.manicpanic.com

*DAVE SMITH INTRUMENTS~www.davesmithinstruments.com


*COFFIN CASE~www.coffincase.com

*LIP SERVICE~www.lip-service.com

*PROTONE PEDALS~www.protonepedals.com

*APE LEATHER~www.apreleather.com *MANIC PANIC~www.manicpanic.com

Endorsed By MoogEndorsed By Manic Panic


Endorsed By PreSonusEndorsed By Coffin Case

Texylvania are published by: Kommunity PM and Profo Music-BMI National/International









Sherry Rubber ~ Interview w/ Gore Nore

Yes, Gore Noir Magazine placed Sherry's interview feature on the front cover of their 3rd Anniv. Issue!!! Gore Noir's 'Ariel' asked Sherry some great questions for this feature~ Sherry talks about her love as the front woman for Texylvania, music insperation, and much more about Texylvania!! She also gives some details on her almost 20 year stance of the lead guitarist for the legendary alternative band Kommunity FK....!!! Check out www.kommunityfk.com for more details on Sherry's in depth interview & direct links on how you can get your copy of Gore Noir's 3rd Anniv. Issue filled with hot pictures of Sherry and insite on Texylvania's HEXXabilly hi-jinx!!!!


Texylvania In Mexico

TEXYLVANIA'S FIRST NIGHT IN MEXICO!! Texylvania's first show of their run through Mexico is Friday April 18th!!! Texylvania is honored to be performing with is thee one & only legendary Deathrock band Kommunity FK!!! Texylvania;s first live perforamnce in Mexico is at the "Huesos Y Sangre" festival being held at: Tehuacan, Puebla-Mexico~Also on the bill: Triste Makrina, Lilth, and DJ Bundy.... Texylvania can't wait to spread their 'HEXXabilly" meyhem South of thee boarder as the band is thrilled to perform these upcoming dates!!! Check out www.facebook.com/texylvania for details on how to RSVP for the "Heusos Y Sangre" festival today!!! 



Texylvania will be performing 'South Of Thee Boarder' as the legendary Deathrock band "Kommunity FK's" special guest at Klub Terminal Mexico's "Batcave Festival 2014"!!! This festival features numerous bands, DJs, VJs, Vendors, Fetish Acts, Deathrock Films, and more!!! Be sure to get your tickets early as this event is selling out!!! The Batcave Festival is being held at the "VD Concert Hall, Calz La Viga 667, Mexico City, PE, 08900, Mexico ~ Sat.April.19.2014 ~ RSVP @: https://www.facebook.com/events/250113111804831/     ~ ~HEXXabilly, MthrFKrs!!!Texylvania Live~BatcaveFestival2014~Mexico



The Texylvania's headling show "Brian's Birthday Bash" scheduled for Sat.Jan.18th received a a "Top Show Recommnedation" from the ABQ. based magazine 'The Alibi'!!! Sherry Rubber & Brian worked very hard on building the line up and promoting this show!!! All of Texylvania is so happy they can throw such a great party for Brian/Texylvania's Bassist and all of their Krazy fans!!! HEXXabilly, Baby!!! http://alibi.com/music/46168/Group-sound-therapy.html

Texylvania Headlines Bday Bash

SHERRY RUBBER~Manic Panic's Model For New Hair Color 'Vampire's Kiss'

Sherry Rubber~Manic Panic's Vampire's Kiss Model

Sherry Rubber is a proud to be a part of the Manic Panic family as an endorsee!! From Hair dye, to nails, to make-up, to lashes, Sherry uses Manic Panic for each live performance
and photoshoot. And the fact they DO NOT test on animals is a major reason to use all of Manic Panic's great products.
Manic Panic contacted Sherry to be thee model for their new hair color
"Vampire's Kiss" Sherry was more than honored!!! Sherry's photo brought on tons of
praise from Manic Panic fans on the Manic Panic Facebook Fan Page, as well as,
Sherry's photo being picked up and posted by Auxillary Magazine along with many others. Manic Panic have posted a full webpage deadicated to "Sherry and her Vampire's Kiss" as Sherry is THEE Manic Panic's 'Vampire's Kiss Girl'!!!~Here's the link to Sherry's very OWN Manic Panic Page: http://www.manicpanic.com/besthaircolor/vampireskiss.html 

Check out Manic Panic at www.manicpanic.com   Live Fast-Dye Hard!!

Patrik Mata~PreSonus Artist Of The Day
Patrik Mata founded his flagship musical endeavor Kommunity FK in Los Angeles in 1978, just as the aftershocks of the opposite coast’s punk-rock shakeup were beginning to register in his area. A casual observer might be inclined to file Kommunity FK under “Goth” and leave it at that—but to do so would be a clear indicator that said casual observer wasn’t paying close attention.

Many components of the Kommunity FK gestalt are more literary than musical: Mata confesses to being inspired by Burroughs, Dali, and Dadaism. Sonically, Mata’s influences are incredibly diverse. While some are more pronounced than others—nods to David Bowie are worn proudly on a crushed velvet sleeve— [Read More...]
Patrik FK is the lead vocalist and guitarist for venerable L.A. death rock band Kommunity FK. He also heads up local hexabilly punk band Texylvania. That act—which, full disclosure, includes the husband of yours truly—will be performing on Saturday in observance of Sanctuary Above the Crypt’s Better Off Than Dead Graveyard Bash. The one-year anniversary party for the monthly convening of goths also involves live music, suspension and dark arts performances, and a bevy of DJs. Black-and-white attire and creative makeup are requested ... so, you know, leave your tie-dye at home.

We asked Mr. FK to put an MP3 library on shuffle. Below are the random results, culled from a BlackBerry, with commentary written in his own stylized fashion.
[Read More...]

Patrik~PreSonus Artist Roster

Patrik's long time endorser "PreSonus" has just launched their new
website and Patrik is a feature on their 'Artist Spotlight'. We had to keep this under wraps as the new lauch was top secret. Patrik as asked a full range of questions for this Spotlight interview.There are new photos of Patrik featured on the new PreSonus website as well.




Hexabilly Hoedown
Indulge your penchant for sex, rocket fueled riffs, and monster movies with self descibed 'Hexabilly' quartet, TEXYLVANIA. This is Texylvania's third show in the S.W. and it is 'The Alibi's-Pick Of The Weekend'! [Read More...]
Interview With Sherry Rubber Of Texylvania
Now as we all know, you also play in Kommunity FK. Do you find that your work with KFK has had a lot of influence in your work with Texylvania?

Not at all. Patrik and I keep things totally separate from Kommunity FK and Texylvania as full respect to both bands. Texylvania is a whole different world from the Deathrock/Gothik world of Kommunity FK.
[Read More...]
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