SHERRY RUBBER~Manic Panic's Model For New Hair Color 'Vampire's Kiss'

Sherry Rubber~Manic Panic's Vampire's Kiss Model

Sherry Rubber is a proud to be a part of the Manic Panic family as an endorsee!! From Hair dye, to nails, to make-up, to lashes, Sherry uses Manic Panic for each live performance
and photoshoot. And the fact they DO NOT test on animals is a major reason to use all of Manic Panic's great products.
Manic Panic contacted Sherry to be thee model for their new hair color
"Vampire's Kiss" Sherry was more than honored!!! Sherry's photo brought on tons of
praise from Manic Panic fans on the Manic Panic Facebook Fan Page, as well as,
Sherry's photo being picked up and posted by Auxillary Magazine along with many others. Manic Panic have posted a full webpage deadicated to "Sherry and her Vampire's Kiss" as Sherry is THEE Manic Panic's 'Vampire's Kiss Girl'!!!~Here's the link to Sherry's very OWN Manic Panic Page: 

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