Patrik Mata~PreSonus Artist Of The Day
Patrik Mata founded his flagship musical endeavor Kommunity FK in Los Angeles in 1978, just as the aftershocks of the opposite coast’s punk-rock shakeup were beginning to register in his area. A casual observer might be inclined to file Kommunity FK under “Goth” and leave it at that—but to do so would be a clear indicator that said casual observer wasn’t paying close attention.

Many components of the Kommunity FK gestalt are more literary than musical: Mata confesses to being inspired by Burroughs, Dali, and Dadaism. Sonically, Mata’s influences are incredibly diverse. While some are more pronounced than others—nods to David Bowie are worn proudly on a crushed velvet sleeve— [Read More...]
Patrik FK is the lead vocalist and guitarist for venerable L.A. death rock band Kommunity FK. He also heads up local hexabilly punk band Texylvania. That act—which, full disclosure, includes the husband of yours truly—will be performing on Saturday in observance of Sanctuary Above the Crypt’s Better Off Than Dead Graveyard Bash. The one-year anniversary party for the monthly convening of goths also involves live music, suspension and dark arts performances, and a bevy of DJs. Black-and-white attire and creative makeup are requested ... so, you know, leave your tie-dye at home.

We asked Mr. FK to put an MP3 library on shuffle. Below are the random results, culled from a BlackBerry, with commentary written in his own stylized fashion.
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Hexabilly Hoedown
Indulge your penchant for sex, rocket fueled riffs, and monster movies with self descibed 'Hexabilly' quartet, TEXYLVANIA. This is Texylvania's third show in the S.W. and it is 'The Alibi's-Pick Of The Weekend'! [Read More...]
Interview With Sherry Rubber Of Texylvania
Now as we all know, you also play in Kommunity FK. Do you find that your work with KFK has had a lot of influence in your work with Texylvania?

Not at all. Patrik and I keep things totally separate from Kommunity FK and Texylvania as full respect to both bands. Texylvania is a whole different world from the Deathrock/Gothik world of Kommunity FK.
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