Interview With Sherry Rubber Of Texylvania

Jan 27, 2011

Texylvania Interview by Frankie Fear



Hey Sherry! So, tell us a bit about yourself to start...
My name is Sherry Rubber. I have been a professional musician for 30 years now. I started performing at a very young age. When I first started playing guitar in rock bands I was totally underage here in the USA and I was never allowed in the bars to set up or take down my own gear. I’d have to stand in a small taped off box just after I was allowed into the venues via the back door before I went on stage-but it was worth every second on stage. I was very active in all the business sides of being a musician from the very start as well. I booked bands into venues, hyped the scene in the Pacific Northwest, and even got myself noted in Kerrang Magazine (great music magazine that was based out of England) as a ‘Lady Killer’ before I could legally drink. I was very busy in music communications way before the Internet was invented and brought upon the general population.
My hometown is Seattle. I spent a good decade/plus living in the middle of Hollywood. Right now I am semi based in the Southwest. I truly believe it is really good for your spirit and your head to check out as many different places as one can within this very short lifetime.
I mainly am a lead guitarist, lead vocalist, and songwriter. I also play bass, synthesizer, and Patrik says I am a full time chanteuse. I love all music. If it is a well-written song I dig it. If it’s a piece of crap that is a rip off from another artist it never makes it into my world.
I am also a touring road hound and studio fanatic. I love getting that first take in the studio and when you see an audience response to your creation it’s a killer rush!
How did Texylvania come to form?
It’s a long story. Texylvania is the two-headed love child of Kommunity FK. When I first met Patrik Mata (Kommunity FK founder/frontman) I had been asked to come back to Los Angeles to help out a producer I had worked with one of the times I had been based in Hollywood. When I first met and worked with this producer I was the guitarist/song writer for a band I formed called Raw Flower (we were always getting write-ups as the ‘illegitimate daughters of Iggy Pop’-The band was basically the Stooges meets Motorhead). This producer’s guitarist had junked out and he had a major deadline. He knew I was one of the few people that could co-write and record a full LP within two weeks. I was flown in for the recording session and it was during that time I met Patrik in a studio in the middle of Hollywood.
I turned down the offer from this producer to go tour Europe to support the LP I just helped write and record. I instead had my main band I formed that was based in Seattle come join me in Los Angeles to play some gigs. My band at that time was called Rubber. Rubber was a hard-core punk unit that was totally my baby. Patrik saw several of these Rubber shows in Los Angeles. He then approached me and said if I ever wanted to play in Kommunity FK the door would always be open. Long story short a year and a half later I was the lead guitarist for Kommunity FK. It was during the time Patrik was on the road supporting his debut solo LP “Hydrocarbons From A Meteorite (Green) that he and I started writing songs that were more along the lines of Rubber because he knew I was really missing my punk roots. We wrote 23 songs right off the bat and Texylvania was born in late 1999/early 2000.

Now as we all know, you also play in Kommunity FK. Do you find that your work with KFK has had a lot of influence in your work with Texylvania?
Not at all. Kommunity FK is it’s own original entity created by Patrik Mata way before I came into the picture. Being the lead guitarist for a legendary band such as Kommunity FK for the past 13 years has been a total honor-But Patrik and I keep things totally separate from Kommunity FK and Texylvania as full respect to both bands.
Texylvania has been written up in the press as rocket fueled-punkrock-garage-rock&roll. We refer to at as punk rock ‘hexibilly’ and I/we like it that way. Texylvania is a whole different world from the Deathrock/Gothik world of Kommunity FK.
There’s been talk of an album coming out. Any news on that?
Texylvania was asked to be a part of musical releases right from its conception. Our first release was on the Johnny Cash tribute CD ‘Cash To Chaos’. Right after that we were asked to put a song on the Alice Cooper tribute CD ‘Mutations’. Then I received at really nice email from Wes Beach of ‘Plasmatics’ fame. Texylvania was asked by Wes Beach to record a couple of Plasmatic songs for him-So, we cut both ‘I Want You’ and ‘Sex Junkie’. We then licensed the full CD ‘Texylvania 13’ and the two 5 song EPs ‘Gutterati’ and ‘Slut Nation’ to Invisible Records. That was a couple of years ago and nothing has been released (I know what’s up with Invisible to a point-but that is all I will say right now).
Patrik and I are always writing and recording in Patrik’s new privately owned studio ‘The Vision & The Voice Studio’. Patrik has been swamped with work for Kommunity FK this past year. As always Kommunity FK is always busy with tons of national and international interviews, Kommunity FK has been out on the road here in the states for the past year along with the Kommunity FK show at WGT in Germany. Recording the new Kommunity FK album ‘La Santisima Muerte’, the two upcoming CDs of remixes of ‘La Santisima Muerte, etc. So, Kommunity FK has been our top project recently.
Texylvania is constantly being asked to perform. Patrik and I record new material for Texylvania all the time. After we get a few more things settled with Kommunity FK I hope to release a new Texylvania CD within the next year.
What is your opinion on all the 2012 conspiracies?
My main thought on anything to do with the world’s conspiracies is ‘Be Smart’. There are self-positioned higher forces that do a lot of mean moves on the world. Do not accept what the media pushes down your throat. It’s not just about The Mayans/Nostradamus/Planet Alignment/Holes In Our Atmosphere and the mere fact our planet has become way to over crowded within the last 30 years.
Mankind sucks because the majority of the humans have allowed themselves to be uneducated and wasteful. The large masses do not care about true art, animals, themselves, or our planet. The illuminati have turned most humans into ‘Sheepeople’ and treat them as so. They poison the little bit of real food left and feed most humans and animals chemically produced crap. They place substances in the little water supply left, and the few people who question anything are labeled as ‘crazy’…Very sad.
So if it all hits the shiter within 2012 I can only say it’s mankind’s fault. I don’t know the future but if we do have one I urge everyone to ask a questions and get properly educated, don’t let the arts die, stop breeding, and take better care of the world itself. As I clearly state in my song ‘Cupcake’: “Don’t believe the hype man-It’s all crap”

Where did the name Texylvania come from?
Patrik and I have a game while we are in the tour vehicles. We make up band names to pass the time. Believe me we have a large list of killer names. Texylvania was the one we both liked at the time of the bands conception. We thought it was a good cross of ‘punk rock & vampires’…As I said before: Hexibilly as its finest-Tee/hee!
Is there any musician that you would want to collaborate with?
That’s a really hard question, Frankie!
Dead: Johhny Cash and Wendy O Williams.
Alive: Diamonda Galas.
I would also love the chance to hang with Poison Ivy. I actually received a very nice phone call from her while I was in Seattle during the early 2000s. A writer for the LA Times who wrote up Kommunity FK several times knew the Cramps were looking for a new bass player. This writer had seen our other Kommunity FK side band at the time that was called “The Legendary Wrong People” perform in Los Angeles. She thought I would be perfect for the Cramps. She told Lux & Ivy about me and I sent off the required package. Soon after Poison called me herself to let me know I was 2 weeks late (as I had just moved at the time). They had already hired a guy but if he didn’t work out I was their girl. When the very horrible news hit that Poison lost Lux my heart broke for her. I’m sure they were each other’s world of worlds. When you are born to be an artist you don’t do it-It does you-For your whole life. If you are lucky enough to find a soul in this given lifetime that understands that fact and you, it’s a magical thing that cannot be broken. If I ever lost Patrik I don’t think I could handle it.

Who are your main musical influences?
I would have to say that my main influences for my side of music is/was the one and only Wendy O Williams. I never let this out directly for a long time but it must have shown through as I have received very nice emails from Wes Beach/Plasmatics and TC Tolliver/WOW saying how much they dig me and Texylvania. I’ll tell you each time I heard from both of these guys saying how much they liked the music and that they personally thought Wendy herself would have dug Texylvania I had to change my panties! I also love the REAL punk scene. Not this pre-made crap that swarms the music scene today. I have been lucky enough to be asked to open for my buddies The Business, Fear, The Varukers, Ice Ts Body Count, The Dwarves, and many more greats.
I love all OG English Oi, Killing Joke, Discharge, The Cramps, Johnny Cash, The Stooges, The Rolling Stones, Motorhead, Ministry, The Sex Pistols, David Bowie, Salvador Dali, everything anti art, and Vampira. Of course: Everything and anything by that sexy genius Patrik Mata.
Those are just a few artist I love-A true lady does not give it all way…

When did you first start making music?
Oh man…I started before I was in elementary school. My siblings are older than me and I was lucky enough to have killer music coming up though the heating vents while I was in the crib. Once I was placed in school a year earlier than most kids I started checking out every instrument under the sun while I always sung in the school choirs. I went thought the clarinet, violins, took piano lessons for seven years, I even played mandolin while I was in elementary school for a stint in the Seattle City Russian Orchestra. I originally wanted to be a drummer. Being a naturally pissed off human I figured beating on stuff would be good for me-but my mother said no way-too noisy. So, I figured I could play a guitar not having to use an amp full time. Nothing hit me quite right until I picked up a guitar-I loved it. I was the second female to ever deliver papers for the Seattle Times. I tried everything to try to make enough money so I could buy my own guitar and amp. But no matter how many papers I delivered and how many baby-sitting jobs I did I couldn’t save up enough cash. I finally lied about my age and got a job at a local Burger King. Once I had just enough cash saved I let my manager know my true age, left the job, and went off to buy my very own electric guitar and amp! Even though I started early I still stayed in school all the way. I am a licensed cosmetologist, and I hold a couple college degrees and college certificates. Stay educated…It’s good for your brain!

What is your favorite movie?
I LOVE all the old ‘Universal Monster Movies’ & ‘Hammer’ flicks. Not only are they basically where horror film creation started-They are a blast to ‘self-narrate’ over!

You’ve been involved in the scene for a long time. How would you compare the early days to now? Do you think things have improved or declined?
Wowch…How do I answer this one?
On the improved side: I think that technology has created some plusses for bands. You do not have to be a signed artist now to create your own album and get it to the public. And Internet is a good way to hype your band, try to get gigs, and find online magazines that you can contact.
On the declined side: I really miss analog recording. I really feel it is a better way to catch the musician vibe than computer recording. Also, I think that before technology bands were much closer as a unit. Back in the day your band was your family. You lived together, you created music 24/7, you partied together, you fought together, flyered together, and you ‘slagged’ off slags together. You were totally committed to that band and that band only. There wasn’t this thing of playing around in different bands as there is today. I understand there are not as many real musicians as there used to be and the club scene for bands is not as strong as it was. It’s a shame when promoters chump a good band because it’s easier to hire a DJ for the night. With all the downloading the only way artist can really survive now is to perform live. As Darby Crash stated: “Why can’t it be how it used to be?”
Any stories you’d like to share from touring?
Tons!! But here is a recent and funny one… Kommunity FK was headlining a show in Austin, Texas. Just before we are to go on I go to use the main restroom because the one backstage was being used. Just as I am walking in to the area to the ladies facilities were this really big/cute goth punk grabs me and starts shouting “Oh my god-you’re Sherry Rubber! You’re a fucking legend!” and on and on. I told him he was adorable but I am due on stage shortly and I broke fee. The whole time I am in the stall peeing this guy is screaming into the ladies room to his girl “Jenny-You won’t believe it! Sherry Rubber is in the stall next to you! Jenny-You’re talking a piss right next to Sherry Rubber!!” He kept this up the whole time I was in there. Remember, this is in Texas so his accent was pretty strong as well. I was laughing so hard to myself it was almost an ugly scene in my stall…But I didn’t want to hurt his feelings either.
Oh yes, there are many tails of crazy filled nights with wonderfully crazy people. Luv to them all!
What would you like to happen for Texylvania in the future?
Anything and everything good!
Where do you get your inspiration from?
In general I am a very nice/giving person but I have this odd dark side that is pretty pissed off. I don’t ever want to take anything out on people in general and I am a total animal fan (personally I like animals more than humans) so I have been lucky enough to be able to channel that side of my head though art and music. I really think that this sadness and anger is my natural main inspiration.
I never really thought about what my inspiration is because songs just come out of me. I don’t sit down and force a song to come to life…. They just flow out. When I first met Patrik I warned him I already have 17 different personalities and I really think there is an 18th personality on its way out. He took my hand and looked me straight in the eyes and said “That’s OK. I’ll fuck all of them”. What a guy-that one melted my heart!

What was your favorite Texylvania song to record?
Lord-I know this sounds cheesy but I would have to say the all of the early songs were really fun to record because they were all done as live recordings and all in one take! I LOVE the energy that came across in ‘You’re Not Very-Mary’, ‘Absession’, and ‘Bike Rack Betty’. But I have to say every Texylvania song ever recorded and the ones not recorded are all great songs that stand on their own. I am very blessed to be the lead bitch in such a great band as Texylvania!!
Any last words?
You’re only in this lifetime once so live it, baby!
I also have to thank all the great endorsers that help out Kommunity FK and Texylvania in so many great ways. Moog, PreSonus, and Manic Panic just to name a few. Contact: Texylvania PO Box 67753, ABQ. N.M. 87193 USA      Email:
And BE KOOL TO ALL ANIMALS-They have their shit together much more than humans….
Frankie Fear